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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Flytec XC Clinic

The Flytec XC/Competition Clinic will again be at Quest Air March
15-18, 2007, led by U.S. team members Dustin Martin and Kevin Carter.
Four days of learning and flying with the first day dedicated to landing, towing, and equipment perfection.

The last 2 clinics were wildly popular. This year we want to raise the quality even higher by focusing on a smaller group for more individual attention. To maximize value for the hungriest pilots we will fly 3 to a group capping the clinic to 6 pilots.

The clinic will incorporate both general XC and competition XC skills. This will includes learning and refining GPS navigation, using the radio, perfecting XC technique, improving out landing skills, and practicing aero towing.

Pilots will be grouped with similar wings and skills to foster consistent group flying. Each day your group will rotate to a different instructor so you can experience a variety of techniques. This is an opportunity for pilots of all abilities and all glider types to take their flying to the next level. The clinic curriculum will be custom tailored to the pilots who commit in advance.

We want to encourage, support, and help teach our future champions and XC record holders in a safe, friendly, laid back environment that will also cram a pilots head with as much information he or she is ready for!

The cost of the clinic is 300 dollars plus tows.

One of the most popular aspects of last year's event was the landing clinic. This year the program will more tightly integrate several landing sessions in response to demand.

Each day will include

* Morning seminars on weather, thermalling, gps use, route planning, XC skills, landing, towing, foot launching, tactics, etc.
* Midday XC tasks. These will be flown as a group tailored to the needs, skills, and equipment of the students.
* Evening GPS scoring, flight analysis, and debrief.

To sign up contact Dustin at or Kevin at